Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Wonderful Day

I said Alhamdulillah...
It was so amazing and I didn't guess
I went PMITS (pekan ilmiah mahasiswa ITS like science month in my college) yesterday. I met amazing someone. I've met he before in Gerigi hehehehe. Right, he isn't handsome but he is cool! Hahahaha So lucky I am.
But I just saw him a far. I didn't brave to talk him. And yeah I just walked in his stand. I'm not sure about his name. Och so stupid I am --a" Hihihihihi Och he's so cool!!! I'll be meeting him again hohohohoho (I wish).
I think the song from 2PM-I can't represent about my feel huh

Best Wishes ♥,
Ria Dhea

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