Rabu, 05 September 2012

Answer Me 1997

Owwww~~~ you know?!!! I'm very very very like this sitcom. Yaaaayyy Answer 1997 or Reply 1997 or Respond 1997. Whatever!!!
Reply 1997 casts by Eunji A Pink (my favorite main vocal!!!), Seo In Gook (Really really dislike him), Hoya Infinte, Song Jong Ho (The Princess Man). The story about 6 former high shool in Busan 1998. Eunji as Shi Won who idolizes boyband H.O.T. She is very like Tony Ahn member of H.O.T. Seo In Gook as Yoon Jae is Shi Won chilhood friend and her neighbor. Yoon Jae like Shi Won a long ago until now. He has brother Tae Wong who love Shi Won too. Plot this sitcom flash back, from 2012 to 1998.
Some episodes there are members from A Pink, Ze:a, Jewelry, BTOB and Tony Ahn. Member A Pink are Park Chorong as Shi Won's Mother when was young and Bomi as Yoon Jae's Mother when was young. Siwan Ze:a as Seoul students, Kim Ye Wong as Shi Won's sister, Tohny Ahn as him self. 
Shi Won with Tae Mung better than Shi Won with Yoon Jae. Or Shi Won couple Hoon Jae better than Shi Won with Yoon Jae. I know if Shi Won wuth Yoon Jae (i don't like T^T).

Best Wishes ♥,
Ria Dhea

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