Rabu, 22 September 2010

After Summer Holiday (just kidding hooo!!!) and Back to Reality

And 20 September 2010 ago the holiday finished. And It was back to reality. Yeah collage again and prepare my self for everything to back reality.

Hiksss Hikss T-T
I did miss my home sweet home

And now:
-Back to the college
-Back to the activity
-Back to homework
-Back to course
-Back to hangout with friends (upppsss. Just time to relax. The young you know)
-Back to computer (make my eyes so tired)

Be the best student and be the next the master @the class!!!

My Project:
1. Study... study...study...
2. Finish the report of KP
3. Learning TOEFL be 550


Best Wishes,
Dhea Luuva

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