Rabu, 29 September 2010

Writing Homework

In a station of television

Host: Good afternoon viewers. We want see headline news about earthquake in there

Reporter: Hello Host and viewers. I want show and interview some victim of earthquake.
Today at 10 am in Jakarta exposed by earthquake. The earthquake isn't so hard. Just the small earthquake. Let's go. Iwant interview some victims are build office and excited.
Hi Miss!! Have you some time for interview with me, please?

The Victim: Yes, I have

Reporter: Where you are when the earthquake? And what are doing?

The Victim: I'm in the office 6th floor. I'm work in there.

Reporter: What do you feel when the incident?

The Victim: I did so panic an so excited. I didn't know what going to do. I'm blank. But I see some people down stairs and then I did also join them

Reporter: Can you give some tips to viewers if there is an eartquake again?

The victim: Actually yes. If there is an aertquake, you must calm down your self.
If you in office ar build, you will hurry up out in the office or build. Don't use lift! Always use emergency stairs. Take a deep breath and remeber Don't be panic!!!

Reporter: Thanks for your tips about earthquake. Ok viewers we want back the host

Host: Thanks repoter for you information. And good afternoon viewers. Bye.

(Just Writing test and not real. Thanks for you attention)

Best Wishes,
Dhea Luuva

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