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Arang And The Magistrate

Title: 아랑사또전 / Arangsaddojeon / Arang and the Magistrate
Also known as: Arang / Arang Magistrate Story / Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle
Genre: Fantasy, period, mystery, comedy, romance, action, melodrama
Episodes: 20 + 1 special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-08 (special), 2012-Aug-15 to 2012-
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 21:55

Nice drama "Arang and The Magistrate".  Arang is a famous legend from Korea Story. The beautiful Arang (Shin Min Ah) is daughter of a magistrate during the Chosun Dynasty is brutally murdered. She didn't know how she dead and who killed her. Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki) is a man who search his mother and he can seeing ghosts like six senses. Arang appealing Eun Oh to help search who killed her. After Eun Oh seeing Arang has a hairpin like his mother, he want to help Arang. They are made a deal to help each others. Mystery by mystery has been revealed, where Eun Oh mother and who killed Arang.
Actually Arang and The Magistrate better than To The Beautiful You (I think). Because in this drama we 're make curios the story. There are soundtrack from this drama. Just click the links at the bottom.

♥ Jang Jane ~ Fantasy ♥

♥ Yong Dong Hyun ~ My Secret Dream♥

♥ Shin Min Ah ~ Black Moon ♥

♥ Kim Bo Kyung ~ Suprised ♥

♥ Baek Ji Young ~ Love and Love ♥

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